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(source: CurbedLA)]

News, analysis, and trends in LA’s housing market. (read more)

Millennials Begin To Drive Housing Market

(source: Zillow)

The As the U.S. housing market nears full recovery and the Millennial generation matures, 47% of people buying and 63% of those selling a home are doing so for the first time. These new buyers, sellers, and homeowners have old-fashioned aspirations, seeking a home that is both a good investment and a reflection of themselves. And they instinctively turn to internet research and social networks on and offline, approaching home ownership with both savviness and caution. (read more…)

Jump in 1st-Time Buyers Seen for 2017

(source: Builder Magazine)

The 2017 home buying season will be characterized by a large increase in first time home buyers, increasing affordability issues among buyers, and high demand for suburban homes, according to Realtor.com’s recently released “Active Home Shopper Report.”  (read more…)

Most Millennials Want to Own Homes

(source: The Atlantic)

For generations, homeownership was not only  considered practical, it was also thought to be one of the safest and smartest investment you could make. But the housing crisis of 2008 changed that mindset. Since then, it’s been unclear if the allure of home ownership will return, and whether or not Millennials—who came of age during the downturn—would ever have the means, or desire, to buy homes of their own. (read more…)

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