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You’ve been working hard for what’s next. Now let your home go to work for you, and open the door to all your new adventures. There are so many wonderful options available that whatever your next move is, it’s sure to be a great one. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to work with many families who transformed a long history of building home equity into an amazing future filled with adventure and relaxation.

If that sounds like something you’ve been thinking about or would like to consider, I’d welcome the opportunity to offer you a complimentary evaluation of what your home’s value might bring to you in today’s market. You can call/text me at: (818) 522-8378. You can also email me at: Mark@MarinoRealEstate.com.

Retiring or downsizing? How to buy a new home, AND keep the wonderful low property taxes that you have with your current property.

Reverse mortgages have been around for more than 50 years, but for some, they remain a little bit misunderstood. This flexible financial tool is growing in popularity, and one of the reasons is because more and more people are using them to BUY a home, and that is something that offers all kinds of benefits. Take a look and find out why!


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